Oil And Gas

Sensosafe well had done projects within the environment of multi-vendor, complex Safety automation systems controlling large industrial production facilities. Refining and petrochemical manufacturing facilities typically require the integration of several technologies to provide efficient and effective measurement and control. In addition to a central

, regulatory control system these facilities also require a combination of safety systems, vibration monitoring systems, fire and gas systems, electrical load monitoring systems, measurement and metering systems, analyzers, and other OEM equipment packages. Sensosafe has extensive experience in the design and integration of complete Safety/F&G Systems and associated network and data systems for our customers’ refining and petrochemical assets.

Sensosafe experience in the oil and gas field includes:

  • Emergency Shut Down System (ESD)
  • High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)
  • Fire and Gas System (F&G)

Petrochemical & Refinery

  • Refining and petrochemical manufacturing typically involves complex processes, hazardous materials, high product volumes, significant quality requirements, and tight margins. The combination of these factors requires that automation systems must be robust, reliable, safe, and functional to deliver consistency, up-time productivity, and provide tight control to optimize product output.
  • We offer a wide range of product and system solutions, including automated plant utility systems, manual and continuous processes, batch operations, test stands, conveyor and assembly line control and many other applications.

Metal & Mining Process

Sensosafe  specializes in metals and mining and offers more than just technical integration skills. It understands the needs of the industry and the requirements that go along with it. Our industry understanding extends beyond automation technology. We understand the complex processes involved in the various forms of mining. This knowledge enables us to focus on process performance and optimization.

We offer a wide range of product and system solutions, including Safety equipment, design engineering, mechanical fabrication, project execution, HMI software, and many other applications.

Our Experience includes:

  • Fire and Gas Control and Detection solutions for Metal and Mining Plant
  • Personnel proximity monitoring and automated equipment shut down (ensure a safe distance between miner and operating equipment)
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